Camel/tan coffer. Is it the same color??

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  1. :confused1:Is the camel color and the tan color different?? I can't tell cuz I haven't seen the real thing. Does anyone know if the bags on the photo are supposed to be the same shade or if they're just different colors....:confused1:
    NMV9843_mp.jpg miu_miu_coffer_leather_handbag.jpg
  2. I think camel and tan are the same color but it looks like your first bag is cognac.
  3. The picture on the left was on the NM site as a nutmeg color in camel leather. I think it just sold out like a day or two ago.

    But I'm still confused with the colors. Exactly what are all the shades of the coffer, other than the white, black, and brown?
  4. You're right ... I just went to NM and couldn't find it - thought I was insane (don't answer that).

    Anyway, now I'm sort of confused too. I see white (patent?), ivory, black, black patent, gold canvas, brown suede and camel ... but now I'm not sure if some of those are potentially fake.

    Netaporter just calls it "brown". I'll wait for someone who REALLY knows Coffers to answer ....
  5. Yuna - I just picked up a Miu Miu Coffer at Saks.

    Camello is a lighter tan. Think of the color of the suede cowboy jacket ala Marlboro Man. IRL it looks very casual and not for me.

    Noce is the darker reddish brown. IRL this looks like the online photo from Neiman Marcus.

    BTW - if you don't mind a few scratches on the front flap - send me an email and I'll tell you where you can get a camello from Neiman Marcus for $970.
  6. Yeah - I almost wonder if they got the photos mixed up. My Noce looks more like that photo on Saks.

    Attached is a camello from Styledrops that is closer to the Camello I saw yesterday. And another MiuMiu in brown that is closer to my Noce. Look at color only, not the texture or anything else.
    camello.jpg similar to noce.jpg
  7. hi rjez
    thanks for your help. Can you post a picture of your bag? i really wanna see the color. :smile:
  8. I just took a quickie photo. My tag says "Noce". The lighter tan says "Camello".

    You can always call Saks in San Francisco or Miu Miu in New York for descriptions.