Camel Smooth Mini Luggage Instant Reveal BUT I'm not too happy :(

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I received my bag today and I am in love with the color, the shape and almost everything about it EXCEPT... I noticed that the bag has a lot of scratches... I know that this smooth leather is susceptible to scratches and slouching and that is OK with me.. my problem is that the bag is brand new and it shouldn't have these many scratches!!

    My SA told me that they just got the shipment and it is completely brand new but when I got it, it doesn't seem like it... I noticed that some parts of the leather are a little darker than others... I am new to Celine and this is my very first so I"m not sure what to expect... With all the problems with Chanel, I had very high hopes for Celine but it failed me....

    Now, my question is, are these scratches NORMAL for brand new luggage in smooth leather? I am very sad and it's such a hassle to return/exchange... is there anything I can do to make it disappear?

    Help please?
    image-2043502696.jpg image-850200327.jpg image-1883829655.jpg image-1034685695.jpg
  2. Those look like nail scratches! Someone did not handle that bag very well before sending it to you. Hopefully you can buff them out?
  3. Even the bottom of the bag shows that it's NOT brand new :sad:
    image-3413724321.jpg image-983838036.jpg image-4155798826.jpg
  4. And here's the inside of the bag.. Any thoughts ladies? Im so bummed :sad:
  5. Thanks for your response.. How do I do that? Im so scared to do anything :sad:
  6. One more thing i noticed.. If it's brand new-never been touched bag, shouldnt the zipper handles be wrapped?
  7. And here's another problem :sad:
  8. Im not sure but I think you can private message "cotonblanc" because she posted that she buffs out the scratches. I just got my trapeze in the mail today and my buckle was protected with its original plastic seal and the strap still had plastic on it. I think your SA should have double checked the bag before he/she sent it. It's really unfair since you couldn't inspect it beforehand. If its one for two scratches it understandable but it's quite a few and it has stains?! :sad:
  9. :sad: wtf?! I'm so upset for you right now.
  10. I know! Omg.. I thought I was being unreasonable but Im glad it's not just me.. Thank you so much.. I'll call the SA first thing tomorrow.. The boutique only has a 7 day return policy and Im dreading that they will give me a hard time with the return.. I read on another thread that Celine boutiques have such BAD customer service.. But again, thank you. I really appreciate your response.

    The sad part is, i'll keep thinking about this 'til tomorrow..
  11. Thanks :sad:
  12. No problem. It's not unreasonable at all! I hope you get everything sorted out smoothly. They shouldn't give you a hard time. It's a really expensive bag and if you're not satisfied with it they should accept the return no questions asked. I'm sorry this purchase didn't work out for you but hopefully your SA can find you a replacement. :heart:
  13. Wow! Do you think someone returned it? If the return policy is 7 days, how could they accept a return if the bag showed signs of being used? Do you mind telling us which boutique this was from? Hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.
  14. The feet are supposed to be protected with the plastic seals. At lease mine were wrapped when I got my mini. I think you should def. ask your SA for exchange or refund.
  15. My brand new luggages didn't come with the plastic seals on the feet. I do see brand new luggages with some marks on them, but not as many as yours. I would return it if I were you. Sorry this is a bad first purchase experience!