Camel ramona: classic?

  1. Hi,

    I just bought the camel ramona from BG for $1203 but not sure whether I should keep it when it comes. The last 2 months bought 2 jc already, red maddy and black mahala, so i should not be buying the ramona.

    Anyway, I thought i asked here since i'm sure you all can relate. Do you think the camel ramona is a classic? Should i keep it?

  2. Camel is a classic color, there is no doubt about that. I have a Red and a dark Tan biker Ramona. I use both regularly, it is one of my favorite Choo styles. Is this the suede tan one with the silver lurex embroidery along the lover 1/3? Or, the calf leather? How are you with caring for light colors? The light color-vs-dirt issue would be my deciding factor. As much as I love light colors and am careful, I would be very unhappy to get it dirty or scuffed.
  3. I think you will be OK with that color. Post pics when you get it! Hey, where on earth did you get a red Maddy??? Maddy is my favorite style!
    Lucky Girl!:drool:
  4. I ended up cancelling the bag as I decided to buy the nude biker ramona, this leather is amazing...

    Agree with you on maddy, i really like it. The red maddy was from bluefly about 1 month ago, suddenly appear on Bluefly. I love the color and the size....