Camel Patent question

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  1. Just ordered the camel patent shoulder bag, but I do have a question. Do I need to worry about color transfer?

    I have the white peyton embossed croc carryall that got some nasty color transfer after about a week :crybaby: so I want to make sure I won't have the same issue with this one - otherwise I'll stick with the mahogony which I also loved.

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Any light color patent is prone to possible color transfer.
  3. You may experienced later on some color transfer. That's something difficult to predict as my green inlaid Peyton doesn't have color transfer yet.
  4. I had camel patent Hailey (japan exclusive) and it got color transfer from my black jacket :sad: It wasn't super horrible, but I knew it was there
  5. I have a large patent camel sabrina (I'm the second owner) and so far not a single problem with this. I hope it stays that way!
  6. Thanks for the replies, ladies! It should ship out today, and while it ships here I'm going to debate b/t this and the mahogany (which I also loved!!)
  7. I have the camel patent Sabrina and no color transfer whatsoever! Have fun w/your new bag!!
  8. I love Camel patent and have the large Sabrina... NO PROBLEMS so far.