Camel Leigh or Walnut Leigh?

  1. I may not get the Ali Slim Flap now. Since I love my Leigh in raisin - I may just get another Leigh.

    What do you all think? I can't believe I am thinking of getting the same bag in a different color - but I know you all do that if you really love a bag. I think the camel color would be a great choice because it could be used in the summer - but the walnut is so nice and rich thinks it may be too close to my raisin one.

    What do you all think? :confused1: Do any of you have more than one Leigh? I like the new signature leighs but I would rather get leather since it will hold up so much longer.
  2. hi i have the chocolate signature i think camel is very nice but is waaaayyy too easy to get dirty the leather wouldnt clean when i had camel lily. the walnut is a gorgeous color in my opinion. i think that would be a great choice.
  3. Heidi - your walnut Lily is gorgeous! I love that rich color! I don't think it would bother me to carry even in the summer. I do wear a lot of brown and the warm colors. I am just loving the legacy leather - I have the tobacco belted ergo - but have not carried it yet.....I am addicted to brown bags and any shade of brown! I do like the black, too.......Thanks for your advice. I was really wondering about the camel and if it would look really bad after carrying for a few months because of the dirt.
  4. yeah im not too fond of the black legacy leather, but most of the other colors are pretty. the camel i wish i could do that color but it wasnt worth the price just to show dirt after a week. i baby my bags alot so it wasnt cuz of me. definately go for the walnut!!!!
  5. Heidi - I am also looking at the Lily's now, also. But the only choice available right now is Black and Camel. I wonder if the medium size would be too big for me. I know I have seen the large one time in person and remember it being huge!
  6. I :heart: the camel color, but I was wondering if the leather would "tan" evenly. By that I mean, would the leather underneath the flap stay light-colored while the rest of the purse got darker? The uneven color would bother me if I saw it everytime I opened up the purse, kwim? I'm kind of torn too because I would like a Leigh, but I can't decide on which color.