Camel leather bowler-- have you seen one?

  1. I returned one because the leather was all cracked on the back side of the bag, and now I wish I hadn't. I'm so sad, if you spot one at a shop or online can you let me know. I hope they are still being made.
  2. I think the holiday ones are still sold in stores, but I'm not sure if you're into the metallics....I think I recall seeing one at Bal South Coast Plaza.
  3. Thanks balihai88 I'll give them a call and check.
  4. I have two of them; I snagged both on eBay because there were none being sold in my area. The Camel leather (which was also used on the Aviator bag - I have 3 of them) is a lot different from the Chevre or Agneau. It starts out rather stiff and does scratch kind of easy, but it wears fantastically over time!!!! You should see my Black Bowler now ... when I put it on my desk, it just kind of slumps down but yet ... it still has the Bowler shape!!! I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I get. Both of mine are the the Grande size ...

    Black Bowler:

    Brown Bowler:
  5. I think Bob Ellis had them as well ...
  6. Your bags are beautiful CeeJay!!!

    I wish the one I received wasn't defective. The leather was all cracked on the back and you could see suede between the cracks. I've called everywhere I can think of but apparently the sale ones are all gone. I think bal NY has some but they're $2k now-- eek!

    Maybe they'll go on sale again around the end of the year, and there's always @bay
  7. I just traded one to Corey at Real Deal Collection if you are still looking. It is the small brown one - you may want to call her or check the website for her to list it. I do not know what the price will be, however. She is wonderful if you have never done business with her and is one of the recommended resellers. Hope this helps.
  8. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love them ... they are the perfect size and like I said, the Camel leather just gets better with use. I used the Brown one today; will most likely use the Black one tomorrow because it's going to rain :tdown:!
  9. i got this but the giant size...loving it but havent got a chance to use it yet....might wanna let it go...where is a good avenue to sell it>