Camel First vs. Camel Day/Hobo

  1. I went back with my Camel First today due to a before mentioned problem with the shoulder strap. They did not have a First that had the kind of leather that I liked-it was really, really veiny and dry. But they did have a Day/Hobo (what do you call it?) that had the most gorgeous leather and that made me like it a lot. They said I could swap mine for any bag or they would try to get another First in. I am now really torn...should I take the Day/Hobo because of the fabulous leather or opt for the First which I initially chose?! What do you think-First and Day/Hobo fans? What are the pros and cons of both? And does Camel look good in Day/Hobo at all? Maybe photos someone?

    -Anne-lost again (this Balenciaga business seems to take up a lot of my time lately ;) )
  2. The day is my favorite Balenciaga style. It is so easy to carry and convenient. The camel is a great color for the day bag because it is really versatile and is pretty casual. I especially love it for shopping because I can stick everything in it.
  3. I have owned these styles: first, day, city, purse, and twiggy. I have sold all but the day. Because of the casual nature of the bag, I feel it looks best in a casual style. I LOVE the amount of things I can carry in my day. I also love the hands-free nature of the Day bag. I love the depth of the pockets on the inside and outside. Before I tried the Day, there was always one or two things I would change about the style I was carrying. I don't have any complaints at all about the Day.

    To be fair, the objections that I have heard about the day have to do with getting to the things in your bag. (like things settling to the bottom and having to dig for them) I know there are a few threads about the style. If you do a search, you might find some things that bothered other people about the style.

    In my experience, the first was just too small. I didn't want to pay that much for a handbag, only to have to leave my wallet behind because I could not fit it in the bag! I do not carry that much stuff around, either. If you really loved the size of the First, save the shoulder strap issue, the Day may be too big for you. If you thought it could have been a bit bigger, I'd seriously consider that Day.
  4. I think Camel would be great in Day size !!!
  5. Is it much bigger than the City, do you think? And do anybody have photos of themselves with a Day/Hobo, where you can see you and the bag in "full size"? I struggle to find that-for comparison...

    I do dream about that leather...:drool:

  6. The Day is my favorite Bbag style. I have the camel in the Day & love it. It looks fantastic with jeans and I live in jeans. I had a First and returned it (nice style but it just ended up being too small for me in the end).
  7. Have you got a photo of yourself with it? It would be nice to see what it looks like on a person other than me...:smile:

  8. One other thing about the day beside the fact that you have to dig way down to find things, is the strap. If you put a lot in it, the strap hurt my shoulder. My mom has one and I used it a couple of times and it did hurt. Maybe she doesn't put that much in it, but I did and it left a mark on my shoulder. Something to consider if you really load your bags with *stuff* like I do.
  9. I have a day, and I love it! It's the bag I carry the most. It's such a comfy,casual bag, that looks fabulous with jeans.
  10. I have a city and a first, and the size of the city is much more comfortable to me. I love the first because then I don't carry too much, and it makes me prioritize what I REALLY need that day. But the size of the city is truly perfect for me, and I think the day is very similar to the city size, it's next on my wish list.
    And I saw a few day bags in camel, the leather is sooooo amazing! it's so good, I really want there to be more of it than on the first, if that makes any sense :shame: