camel (ergo tote)

  1. for those who have or have seen this, how do you like the color? do you find it goes with a lot of clothing?

    i have the chocolate ergo tote and will be picking up a black one tomorrow, and am wondering if i should get a camel one as well. i don't want to if it would just sit there. thanks!
  2. i love the camel...i have the tote and the matching slim wallet.

    check the outlet because i saw a LOT of them last time i went. they had the camel tote and camel hobo as well. plus it has the legacy lining.
  3. I saw the camel in the outlet today too!:yes:
  4. I just got the camel ergo largo hobo the day after Christmas. I love the color and it goes great with any color IMO! It's a great bag! The only thing is I wish it had the legacy lining like the totes do.