Camel colored Coach bag

  1. Hi. I hope everyone had a good holiday.
    For the Spring season, I would like a camel colored leather bag. Which do you prefer: the large Hampton's carryall or the Carly bag?
    Do you think that the Carly line is for one season only and is considered a "trendy" bag?
  2. I don't really think the Carly looks trendy as the shape of the bag seems fairly classic to me. I love the Hamptons bags though so I'm probably no help to your decision!
  3. I prefer the large Hamptons carryall... but then again I am probably not much help, because something about the Carly's bothered me in person....?? Can't put my finger on it.

    Good luck!!
  4. you want structured or not?

    i'm personally a carryall fan!
  5. I love structured bags (and also started to like the Hamptons leather stripe carryall last night as well even though I do not like the signature line as a whole or big logos). However, I also like the look of the Carly and how it looks like it will carry a lot. The one thing I am not sure I LOVE about the Carly is the contrasting leather straps. I know this is supposed to MAKE the bag, but somehow I can't help wondering if it makes the bag less neutral. The Carly in black leather somehow seems more neutral because of this. What do you all think?
  6. I'd go for the Hamptons Carryall.
  7. not a fan of the carly, so carryall, and youll get more use out of it.. and it stands on its own!
  8. Very biased . . . I own the Carly and am not a fan of the Hampons. However, I think both are pretty classic style-wise, just very different styles!
  9. One other question for you all: do you prefer the Hampton's carryall in camel pebbled leather to the Leather Stripe carryall? I started liking the second one, but am wondering if over time, I may tire of the stripe (and it is an area that may pick up a little dirt because it is light). Thanks for the opinions.
    It's interesting, because so far, it seems like most people who have responded favor the Hamptons bag, but overall, looking at the Coach forum, I thought the opposite.