Camel CC trendy woc VS Burgundy leboy woc

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  1. Please help me to decide between these two. Once is in lambskin and another is in caviar.
  2. I vote for the burgundy boy!! Is this washed caviar?
  3. Burgundy boy!

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  4. I like them both but the working turn lock of the Trendy puts it ahead. The boy snap closure sometimes takes several tries to close.
  5. Trendy cc pls..just not in this colour
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  6. In another color, I would pick the trendy. But I feel the beige of this one is a bit to orange for my liking. So my vote goes to the boy WOC.
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  7. burgundy. I saw it in person and it is stunning!
  8. I love my WOC, but don't love the closure; so I would maybe go for the turn lock one
  9. Love the look of turn lock one, but I like the deep purple caviar WOC, plus hassle free. I choose boy WOC.
  10. I receive the camel woc just now. The lock is really a big plus, make it more beautiful and secure. However, lambskin looks so fragile and the bottom has wrinkles. I'm thinking about returning it and get the leboy.
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  11. I actually have the trendy cc woc in black so I do love the style. Just not in camel .

    The burgundy boy is a really pretty color though. Let us know what you decide!!
  12. burgundy boy for sure
  13. I like the burgundy boy.
  14. I love the burgundy boy!
  15. I have the trendy cc woc in black also and absolutely love mine!