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  1. hello lovelies .. does anyone here have a camel camila bag? i love this style (i know its smaller but for me, i dont want to go back into 'stam territory') but the only one i can get my hands on is a camel colour. Now, i like it and i think it works well with the gold hardware, i just wanted some re-assurance from others .. i dont have anything in this colour .... do u think its versatile?

    thanks all!:heart:
  2. I didn't even know the Camilla came in Camel. Do you have a pic of it? I would think the Camel color would definitely be a versatile one. I briefly owned the Camilla in Silver. It is on the smaller side, but I still loved the bag's style and feminity. I ended up not liking the color however and returned it. I wouldn't mind eventually getting this style again in different color like the gorgeous Dijon.
  3. hey there luv ... maybe its not camel? its this one - and yes, i just bought it!! It got it for $440 (which i think it good) ... i bought this miu coffer a few weeks ago and it was a fake! The girls on the authenticate me thread helped me so i got a refund (before the seller even sent it ... i bought it and then authenticated it ... silly, right?). So, the reason for that story is that i am due the refund for the fake miu this week so i can put that towards the camila!!

    The seller is a TPFer too so all good!
  4. ^^Ohhhhh...that's the Dijon I was talking about!!! I love that mustard yellow color! Congrats mjlover!! I hope you love it!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  5. Post pictures when it arrives, I'm curious on the size. I would love to know how much will fit in it. It looks great BTW!
  6. cool - i thought that might be the same!! ive never had a bag this colour but i figure it should be 'neutral' so wont clash (i kinda live in black with a little colour). shop2drop1, if you see the ebay link it has what it looks like on a person ... thats what sealed it for me.
  7. mjlover1977 - just checked the auction, that is the perfect size!!!! Thanks for referring me to it. I am also considering the Mayfair. Now I need to find out what colors it comes in.... I really like the Dijon, great price too, congrats!
  8. I love this bag I have it in Bordeaux and Chocolate - both colors are beautiful. The size of the bag is perfect for me for most events, just not for everyday.
  9. ^ just saw your pic of the Bordeaux, wow, I love it. Might need to add it to my "need to have" list. I need some sort of smallish bag for events that do not include multiple children. Just something for a night out or a quick dash to shop. Will be heading to ebay to stalk.....
  10. My blackberry, wallet, car key, lipstick, sunscreen, sunglasses (in a soft cloth case) fit in the bag neatly. :wlae:

  11. argh - okay .,.. need some reassurance ... i just saw a camila on ebay in black and now i worry that i should have held out for the black ... tell me im being silly, please? BTW, the black is cheap! but its second hand whilst my dijon/camel one is BN ...
  12. i think both colors are really nice, but if you're looking for a nice black evening bag then go with the black. Otherwise, if you've already got one, then go with dijon. I love this color!
  13. i cant afford both and ive already paid for dijon .... i do have a great chanel small flap (black) and a patent chloe kerala that i could use if i wanted small black bags ... and i dont have anything like the dijon so im sure that will be fine.
  14. I could always take that Dijon off your hands....:graucho:

    I saw the black too, but I just got a black Lou & really don't use black bags that often (at least enough to justify 2, that I think are kind of similar). If you have other small black bags than those should work too, esp the Chanel flap!
  15. its going to arrive on friday this week so ill post again when i get it!
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