camel/black patent gallery tote?

  1. thoughts? I would like to bring my andrea back to exchange for the camel patent gallery tote.... or would black be a better choice? or am I making a baddecision to bring the black leather andrea back to the store?

    thanks all!:yes:
  2. I agree with Coachlover, the black is classy!
  3. You can't go wrong with either color.....
  4. hello, thanks for the input... it seems that no one vote for andrea:sad: :confused1: why did it look so good in the store?:confused1:
  5. I love teh cognac Andrea and actually brought it home but I already have the whiskey satchel and used it so that is the only reason I took it back because I have too many brown and that is the only color I really liked. If you like it keep it and I think it is much prettier in person than pictures and very classy looking. I guess it depends what you are using it for. I still was going to buy it back for PCE but still cannot justify both satchels. I prefer east/west bags more. I think the tote will be there and give yourself time.
  6. I must be weird because once a Coach bag in in my possion I can't bring my self to part with it , I get to attached ;) , I like the Andrea in Black and I was looking at one of those tote bags myslef they are very nice , so i am pretty much no help becuase I like both:yes:
  7. I love the Andrea satchels but, in general, Coach gallery totes are one of my favourite bags ever. I have the brass/brown signature one from last fall (it's a bit smaller than the ones out now) and I :heart: it. If I had to give up all my bags except for one, that would be the one I'd keep (although, it might have to fight it out with my Mandy). I like that I can carry it on my shoulder or in my hand, and that it has some outside pockets.

    But if you really love the Andrea, then definitely keep it. It's a gorgeous, classy-looking bag. But if you're not sure, then follow your gut. If you do exchange it, the gallery tote is a great choice, in either colour. Camel might work better year-round than black.