Camel(Beige) with silver hardware

  1. Have you seen the Beige(Camel) jumbo classic flap with silver hardware that came out 2006. I was looking for a bag with gold hardward but could not find it so I will just order one with silver hardware without looking. Has anyone seen this combination? How does it look to you? I think gold will go better with camel, but not sure since I have not seen any of those in person. We don't have a chanel boutique or a department store that carries chanel bags in my town.:sad:
  2. Camel/beige does look much more luxe and elegant with gold hw. I have the med classic flap and it's lovely. It also came w/ silver hardware, but I didn't like it as much as with gold.
  3. I think this color looks better with the gold. I think because the beige is a warmer color. JMHO
  4. I liked it w/ silver hw. My Saks just had one last week. The #-248-643-9000. Ask for Delyse in handbags and tell her April Guirlinger referred you and she'll know exactly which bag you're talking about (she was holding it for me last week).
  5. I like them both. The silver has a lighter modern feel to it, and as the other pfers stated, the gold does look more elegant and classic. If you really prefer the gold hw, I don't think it would be too hard to find since it's a permanent color.
  6. i saw one around Jan w/gold hw, it's sooo pretty, but just can't pull it off on me. have you try to call Chanel? they are great at locating bags like that for ya, good luck!
  7. I have the dark beige with gold hardware and love it.
    But definitely call your store to have them check the stock for you :yes:
  8. I have it w/ silver hardware and i like it. i don't think i would care for it w/ gold. I don't know. I've never seen it that way in person
  9. I think silver hardware looks better with beige, its more of a contrast, my beige flap is silver I love it! I am more of a silver person though, some people really suit gold.
  10. ^^ITA:yes:
  11. I think that camel colour looks really cool and modern with silver hardware. Silver HW gives it more constrast, as someone pointed out... Especially if one likes silver more than gold, this combination is really worth trying.
  12. I saw this bag at Saks a few months ago and it took my breath was beautiful, and didn't last long on the shelf....I think you will love it!
  13. I have the beige jumbo with the silver hardware on it. I LOVE it.....I agree with the other TPFrs who think it looks more modern and striking. I also think it makes the bag even more neutral to wear with whatever color cothing and jewelry you might want.

    Can't lose with this bag no matter what you finally decide on. It's so stunning...
  14. has anyone seen it in jumbo lately?
  15. I also prefer the beige with silver hardware, I think it looks brighter and more modern.