Camel 06 First Arrived!

  1. BUT, I am not sure I love it 100%...:sad: I asked for not too veiny and not too smooth leather, and I think I got what I requested but the leather feels thin. Or maybe this is Balenciaga leather (I am used to Coach leather...) I do like the nicely distressed look. And there is this 'pouchy' look between the top and where the pocket starts. So I am asking AR to see whether there are other Camel 06. I believe they picked what I asked, so it is my fault for not knowing. Still the anticipation was so high and you guys helped me make the decision in regards to the color so I am bit sad...:crybaby:I do have to pay for restock fee and shipping, but I guess this is the disadvantage of shopping withouth seeing IRL. Oh well, it is a learning experience!
  2. oh she's so pretty! I'm sorry you don't love her. =) You will find the right one in no time. =)
  3. wow, tiramisu, i think your camel first is absolutely stunning :flowers:...the color & the leather are gorgeous...i'm sorry if she's not what you were hoping for!!!
  4. o wow... so yummy looking!!!

    Go with your gut instinct!
  5. 0o0o i think it looks great!!! but if you're not 100% happy with it - I'm really sorry... I hope you can return it...*** hugs***
  6. that pouchy bit up top.. is something i look for actually in a bag.. especially the cities.. i think it is an indication of softness, and how the leather is going to smooch..... so for me that is a positive. i know that the new work bag i got this year was a bit stiff in the begining, and i had some doubts.. but they soften up so beautifully, its really surprising how much they change with use... its part of the fun!! i think its stunning... was considering this color myself.. perhaps in a hobo...
  7. i hope you find a bag you really like !
  8. I know, I LOVE the color and even the distressness of leather is beautiful for me:heart:. It is that pouch on the top that bothers me... If I had no choice, I can accept and be happy, so I think it depends on whether Aloha Rag still has any Camel First in stock for my final decision. It is my first Bbag and I never experienced carrying one so I think I am more paranoid. I dunno... I hate myself for being picky...:hysteric:

    -thanks for the hug...:crybaby:
  9. This bag is beautiful. But you have every right to be picky! So chin up, here's a box of tissues, sleep on it and do what you think is right!
  10. I think your First looks very nice. It is a pretty camel color and the leather looks great! But if you aren't happy, by all means try again. That's what happened with Vanilla Addict and her beautiful white City. She tried again & now is very happy with the second try. :smile:
  11. Thank you all for your inputs and suggestions and support...:tender:I am getting less and less freaked out about the Camel First. It is really lovely... The color and squishy leather is very nice. I am going to make a trip to NM in San Diego to feel some bags in real life and see other colors, if they have any, too. And see if other First 'pouches'. Although the more I see that, I think it is just the way it is for the construction of the bag... I read Vanilla Addict's quest for her perfect bag. I am glad hers turned out great at the end. Junpei did tell me he think he picked the best out of the few stocks, so I don't want to take a risk to regret exchanging.
    Thank you serendipity3kB for the box of tissues! You guys are soooo funny and supportive!!! I love you all!!!:love:
  12. OMG that is GORGEOUS. Is your picture the true shade? That pouchy thing is awesome. Notice on both outter edges of the handles - it pouches too - just part of the super cool way the bag hangs when holding it Inmy opinion. Not trying to talk you into anything but . . my my
  13. do exactly what makes you happy. But I can tell you I think this bag is gorgeous, exactly like a slobbery hunk of chewy caramel.
  14. The pouch is there because of the softness of the leather. Even if a BBag starts off without a pouch, it will develop one with time as the leather softens. I don't think exchanging bags will do much for you, because that pouch will only develop and get bigger with time. BBags are not meant to be structured like Coach bags, so the pouch is natural and expected.
  15. awwww sweetie *hugs* :love:
    dear.. let me tell you something.. although the bag you got looks beautiful i must say.. but its really really up to your feelings dear.. for me.. i did keep the first one for a day or so.. and held it and looked at it every now and then.. to make sure there is no way i could Love it!! and then when i felt "nooo i cant live with it!! i will risk returning it.. at least i will have a shot of getting what i want" (((mind u it was all my fault in the beggining since i didnt even know what kind of leather i really wanted!! never touched a b bag IRL before so..)))
    thats when i returned it.. and yes (ouch!! i had to pay the shipping back and restock fee). But when i look now.. God it was ALL worth it!!
    i cant describe how much i LOVE the character in my bag now!! and how much i just wanna go out and use it!!
    Bottom line dear.. its really up to what you really want :upsidedown:
    and i have a good feeling since you are developing some love for it now.. so either way i am sure you will be happy at the end. and even when u decide to return/exchange it.. then look @ the bright side.. at least you are in the states where shipping it back coasts i am sure like trillion dollars less than if u were an over seas customer like me :wtf: (trying to make u feel better with facts :flowers: )
    i really hope it all works out for u..:love: keep us updated plz :smile: