Cameelio's starter collection

  1. Because I'm being a bum for President's day, I finally decided to post my tiny collection. Enjoy


    I just dont know how to make them look bigger, i guess you guys just have to click on it
  2. Nice collection - love the Legacys.
  3. Nice collection.....I'm so lusting after a white legacy right now.....
  4. Since I cant make them look bigger, decided just to show them off one by one, (too much time in my hands right now)

    Soho Pocket flap and wristlet were my very first coach, got them Dec 05

    Then came the leather zip satchel

    Next, was the soho tote, that I use for school

    Then came the Ali

    Finally the Hippie, which comes very handy when I'm at Disneyland
    (I was suppose to use the skinny as a mini wallet but found out that the wristlet hooks perfectly inside, and looks much better:smile: )
  5. beautiful collection!!!
  6. Wow, Cameelio, that's a GREAT collection!
  7. cute collection.
  8. Very nice!

    I love the umbrella!
  9. Your collection is great!! I love the umbrella as well
  10. Your collection is very nice. I love the white....yummy!
  11. Gorgeous collection! Love the white.
  12. what a nice collection!!
  13. [​IMG]

    I love your white legacy collection!!! The white looks so gorgeous against the bronze hardware.
  14. so pretty, congrats!!
  15. Very nice stuff! Congrats!