Came with Azur speedy !! ^^

  1. Hi~ I asked everyone which one i should get it first yesterday and I deceided to get azur speedy25 first! :yes: I was gonna ask my bf to pick up but i went there to make sure abt my purchase..Speedy25 is soo cute since i got 30, and they only bring one in size 30 but it is already reserved...She showed me but i liked 25 for azur anywai....It holds more than it looks so im quiet happy with that....

    I asked SA, what abt petit noe?? and she was like, "dun miss azur now! we not sure when we bring this again and already many people on waiting list!"and she also said likes this one more..:p when i inspect bag, i found a nail scratch on handle its quiet noticeable and also vachette was folded around but i just got it because i dun want to wait another months...I know im bit sad but im more happy that i got this bag..:wlae::wlae:

    Here is the photo and i also put my Groom cles, it looks also nice with it.:shame:
    azur1.jpg azur2.jpg
  2. Aw girl. It does look very nice, congrats!
  3. Good choice.
  4. congrats, very nice!
  5.'s beautiful!
  6. Congrats- looks so cute with the groom
  7. Very nice! Congrats!!
  8. Very Nice!!!!!!
  9. love it!
  10. Looks great! Congrats!
  11. great choice! CONGRATS!
  12. Congrats! Azur Speedy 25 is too adorable! Enjoy and don't be sad...
  13. I love it! congrats!
  14. very nice :smile:
  15. Congratulations.