Came home with the classic Chanel clutch today in python--should I keep?!!

  1. I don't know about this purchase. It was pure emotion. This is such a stunning bag, with the silver CC closure and the python is just gorgeous. But a clutch!? I don't know if I can pull that off. I have never tried.

    When do I wear it, everyday, special occasions? I used my $450 from the egc event, but maybe I should just return it. I think I would wear it sparingly over the years, but it is so delicate. Yikes--what do you all think??
  2. If you think you will use it keep it otherwise I would return it.
  3. oh PLEASE post photos!!! What color is it?

    Give it a few days. . . if you have regrets, return it.
    But not before we enjoy photos!
  4. What, no pics?
  5. I am a picture dummy, but I'll try for this one!

    Swanky and Luccibag--you are both moms (I have 2 babies)--do you use your clutches??
  6. :shame: haven't yet
  7. That is what I am afraid of. Shoukd I keep this gorgeous little jewel-box of a bag just for the very few times it will get worn? Maybe I should just break it out for every day and put everything else in the diaper bag!
  8. Don't make a hasty decision, u can always return it. Post a pic, would love to see what it looks like.;)
  9. I'm not a Mom, and I don't have a python Chanel, but I do own a few chloe python bags. I have to admit that I do baby them, and not wear them nearly as often as my other bags because of how delicate they are.... but when I do wear one, I feel like a million bucks! :pSo for me it's worth it to keep them in the bag wardrobe. I actually think a clutch is the perfect style for python... but then, I love clutches.

    I agree with what swanky said... think about it for a couple of days and then decide. If you think you won't wear it enough to justify keeping it, then return it for something you can wear more often!

    There are bags that I absolutely love the look of, but I know I wouldn't ever really wear, so those are the bags I just dream about and never buy.:heart:
  10. But getting back to the important thing...I'm not a collector so I want bags that I'll actually use (and abuse). If you'd like the clutch for your collection, and think it's worth that to you, then keep it!
  11. The python clutch is gorgeous but IMO is quite dressy. Not an everyday purse for me.
  12. ^^ITA, fancy and not for everyday
  13. Hard to say without seing it!!!!
  14. I need to say pictures.
    But I say KEEP.
    Anything in python is a keeper.
    On those rare occasions where you go on date night with your husband, you can take it out. LOL.

    I have a red caviar clutch and I use it casually.