Came home with something new

  1. Went shopping yesterday and have made my mind up before hand to get the damier speedy 30 and here she is with baby pap who i also bought or fully adopted her.

    i persuaded my cousin to get the pap 30 so that i can have the baby papillon and paid her the price difference between the 26 and the 30....and now i am the proud mother of my damier baby-pap. 2nd photo with my mono baby pap, big mono mama is in her dustbag.

    i also wanted to get the perfo cles but they dun have it anymore :sad: . I also wanted to get the naviglio but they only had one in Harrods and the pattern was not lined up properly over the flap so i will go to london again next week to get her in one of the LV boutiques before the price increase.

    i saw the min lin speedy and not crazy abt it due to the fact that the fabric is plucked on the display one. so not sure how durable it will be.

    the SA was quite nice i asked her for a box n she gave me one and even gave my cousin a speedy key+lock cos last time she didnt get it when she went to get the damier speedy for her friend.

    oh also i am really happy with my damier speedy cos it is 100% brand new, i saw the SA unwrapping some paper cardboard thing around the handles but i must say my speedy does bleed inside but not alots for me to change it. plus i really like the red interior its really striking.
    DSC02748.JPG DSC02749.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. So so cute! My dami speedy 30 bleeds, too, but not enough to return it. Enjoy all your new goodies!!!
  4. Congrats! The baby pap is so adorable!!
  5. :nuts: Congrats!!! Love the mini Pap! ENJOY!:flowers:
  6. So cute, my MIL gave hers to me because she doesn't know what to do with it..LOL..

  7. Mini Paps are so cute together :P

    And congrats, damier speedy is beautiful.
  8. so cute!congrats!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. that is just darling!!
  11. Congrats, they're so cute together !
  12. Congrats!!
  13. Congrats.
  14. Love your selections! Congrats :biggrin:

    Mini papillon is just as cute as the mini poch! And I just love that brand-brand new feeling of a bag.. the same with the SA at Gucci, he brought out two of the same bag just so I could pick the better one!!
  15. Cute, congrat's.