Came home with BV #5 and #6

  1. Dropped by our local BV store in Takashimaya shopping centre, which was offering holders of her credit card 10% off everything in the store, and came home with #5 and #6!!

    The store assistant, Eden, was so helpful! When we asked to have a look at the moutarde large veneta, he explained that they had one in the store across the street (in Paragon), but offered to bring it over so that we can buy it in Takashimaya and enjoy the 10% discount. So, after 10 minutes, we had our hands on a lovely moutarde large veneta, 10% off! Then the cosmetic case caught our eye and we opted for a ebano one, which will also make a lovely lunch purse.

    Anyways, this is my first time posting about my BV buys, so here are my #1 to #4...

    #1 - Nero intrecciato Wallet (bi-fold, 8 card slots)
    #2 - Carmine intrecciato Ladies Wallet
    #3 - Nero intrecciato Men's Belt
    #4 - Regent Medium Veneta

    Will be taking pictures and posting soon! Absolute BV addicts!!! :heart::yahoo:
  2. congrats on all your purchases and can't wait to see pics. yes bottega can be addictive. enjoy.
  3. Welcome to the addiction - please post pix soon!
  4. Wow, congrats on all the BV goodies- please post pics soon!
  5. Here comes the pictures!!

    First, a group shot...













  6. ^Breathtaking collection! Your pics capture the sheen of the BV leather so good!
  7. I am drooling on #3....:drool:
  8. Thanks! Realised something while taking the photos, for light colours, don't use flash and for dark colours, use flash for the best effect!! LOL!

    My wife and I both share a passion for BV ever since I got #1... and it was down the slippery slope of addiction.......
  9. What a great collection! Moutarde and regent are two of my favorite recent colors.
  10. Gorgeous collection!!!! Congrats.
  11. Thanks!! Your collection is mind-blowing!! :tup: How long did it take you get to that?
  12. lovely collection! congrats!!
  13. Wonderful collection! I love the moutarde and the regent colours together - too bad you can't carry them both at the same time!
  14. Congrats and thanks for sharing your beautiful collection! I love every single piece. The nero belt is stunning! :heart:
  15. Really beautiful BV's!! I have woven wallets in the same colors that you have, but different styles. The Carmino wallet just pops!