came home from TJMAX with this Colehann

  1. [​IMG]

    I purchased this one in black for 199 b4 tax.
  2. That is a lovely bag. Which TJMAX did you find it at?
  3. Oh wow! You lucky girl! (and black nonetheless!!) I always look at the CH bags at TJMaxx & Marshalls hoping to find this very bag! Which TJMaxx did you find it & when? Did you notice whether they had more than one?

    Congrats! (I'd luv to see a pic of the bag modeled)
  4. nice! congrats!
  5. Great bag, super price!
  6. Nice! I wish we had TJ Maxx in Canada :sad:
  7. ooh, very cute! I love CH and always scope out TJM for them! They have a ton right now too.
  8. Ohh that's nice! My TJMaxx has crap..
  9. ^^^ :roflmfao: me too....
  10. Great choice...that bag is one of their most popular styles, I believe, and black is so practical! Love it!