Came back from LV with these

  1. LV had a function for father's day today and these is what i've got.
    i'm going for dinner and will post more pics when i come back :yes:
  2. What is it? I'm dying to know :wtf:
  3. Don't keep us in suspense, please! Post more pics soon! :smile:
  4. PICS!!!:wtf:
  5. watch or wallet ?
  6. father's day?
  7. lol that's what I said
  8. i'm back home now. oke, i'll take more pics and post soon :yes:

    yes rishin,
    tomorrow, 3rd Sep is father's day here in australia. so, happy father's day to all men :flowers:
  9. here they are, my new babies :love:
  10. here they are again, my new babies, manhattan pm and pink baggy pm :love:
    03092006016.jpg 03092006018.jpg 03092006019.jpg 03092006020.jpg 03092006021.jpg
  11. Whoaaaa! Hot hot hot hot!!

  12. WOOOOOW:nuts:
  13. i thought you bought something for your dad.....:sweatdrop:
  14. She did---I'm sure Dad will love how this look on his baby!!! Those are nice!!
  15. Congratulations, they are nice.
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