came across this and thought u guys might benefit...

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  1. eBay: NEW AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON DAMIER PAPILLON 30 (item 250028075819 end time Sep-17-06 21:55:27 PDT)

    its not about whether the bag is authentic or's about how the seller tries very hard to take pictures from every angle and note that the pictures are of high resolution!! :wlae:

    so to all tPF'ers hoping to get rid some of their bags one day...this is what i think would make a successful listing! (at least u can get the most out of the original cost!) :P

    my personal opinion...not sure whether mods would delete this post, but hopefully not! :yes:
  2. Most of the time I manage to take fairly good pictures, but my camera is older and is sensitive to light. I wonder if this seller is hosting her own pictures or has uploaded them onto eBay?
  3. I think the Mods will prob. move this to the eBay forum- but thanks for the advice!
  4. Wow!!...outstanding pics! This person MUST be a photographer! Thanks for the advice!
  5. That's a lotta pictures! I wonder what camera the seller used? Wow.
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