Came across an old poem, I wrote 22 years ago

  1. This afternoon I came across a poem, tucked away in an old book. I typed it (on a typewriter) on little twin star It is almost like a mini time capsule. I wrote it to my first boyfriend. We started 'going around' in the 6th grade and broke up and got back together at least a dozen times by the first year of college, when I wrote it. It is dated November 26, 1985....

    ...ahhh, teenage angst :p


    The time has come
    For me to see,
    The differences
    In you and me.

    It's hard for me,
    But I'll be strong
    'cuz neither is right,
    But neither is wrong

    We are so different
    you and me.
    But still we made love
    And I tried to believe,

    I know I love you,
    I thought you cared.
    How could I have known,
    How little we shared?

    So much has happened
    Between you and me,
    It's hard to forget,
    Oh, can't you see.

    I want to call
    Out your name.
    To hold and touch you,
    For it to be the same.

    But each time we try,
    It never works.
    It always happens,
    Someone gets hurt.

    Is it you,
    Or is it me,
    Or is it just us?
    Will I ever be free?

    The ironic thing; although he was really pretty much 'it' for me for all of Jr. High and High School...and even through all the break ups, we had one very serious long stretch from end on 9th grade through 11th grade...we only 'made love' once right before this poem was written, that set off a chain of events leading to the catalyst....the final break up, where I realized it was time to 'grow up' and leave my childhood love behind.
  2. Wow, that struck a chord in my :heart:!
  3. awe!Thats so sweet!
    **SIGH** I remember all that teen drama....LOL...
    WAIT....Im reliving it thru my 17 yr old now...LMAO....hehe
  4. aahhh, how sweet! I remember writing poetry and in my journal about guys when I was young. I recall having a huge crush on this one guy. Then I started hanging out with him and found out he was soooo stupid it just ruined it.
  5. wow, tink, so eloquent and heartfelt!!!
  6. I have a hoard of diaries from junior high/high school eeesh from 1979 - 1985...every once in awhile I haul them out for a good laugh or two or three!
  7. Wow, I am jealous! I wish I had my journals. The oldest journals I have are from 1993.
  8. hehehe tink, I not only have diary entries but also actual notes from classmates (back when passing notes was the thang to do) and newspaper clippings...hilarious!
  9. cute!! i still have mines too!! when i left home i packed all my diaries in those plastic containers along with pictures from prom..high school dances...etc... when i went to the philippines last xmas i didnt think i would see them mom shipped all my goodies back in the my grandma has pictures of me with different
  10. Oh gosh, that actually is quite relatable for me right now, unfortunately.
    Great poem!

    And aw you wrote that 22 days after I was born.
  11. Wow, what a great poem, it made me a little teary!
  12. oh, my god! I am officially very old! :push:
  13. I remember those teenage loves, it was so hard!!
  14. Hey twinkle, i thought it was a good poem! very heartfelt too.... and probably a timeless one that lot sof us can relate to at some point in our lives.

    glad you can look back at it and laugh about it.... too many skeletons in my past so i try not to dig back into old stuff. it just brings back too many negative memories.... am definitely embarassed about the guys i've dated... OMG, how did i ever date those guys. i have no idea what i was thinking. teenage stupidity for you... =P
  15. oh wow.
    That reminds me I still have my "poem book" Ill have to get that out!