Camdon Agenda

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  1. Hi ladies and gent's

    Where can I find the Camdon Agenda ....
  2. I suggest calling your local chanel... that's how I found mine... there's absolutely nowhere online that seems to sell it.
    good luck finding it!!!
  3. Just so you know when you call or ask, it's Cambon ;)

    My NM had other agendas today, VERY pretty metallic ones, but no Cambon agendas.
  4. tx ..was at work .sneaking on PF...hitting wrong keys ...
  5. Try Saks-I think I saw one there in pink.
  6. :yes: There are few in Sydney and Melbourne boutique....
    I've just brought one after I saw lilyyy's agenda, but mine is black with black patent CC's.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I love it so much :love:
  7. I saw one today at my Chanel boutique. I forgot what color though... I THINK it was the white on black.
  8. hey which boutique did you get your at? i got mine at melbourne and tghey said there was no other colours :push:
  9. :yes: Same as you, I brought this at the Melbourne boutique!!
  10. hrmz.. they must get new stock in pretty quick :huh: when i went there they go that was the only colour available and the only one they had. did they have any other colours when you went or did they only have that one?
  11. :confused1: They have two colours, the black with white CCs and the other one is black with black patent CCs. I don't think is new stock... because I think I've brought the last one :p
    I know the black with black patent CCs is still available at the Sydney store.