Cambridge Satchels

I ordered a satchel from this cambridge satchels. A red satchel in size 15". I asked them to emboss it, which they did. My satchel took over six weeks to come with not much communication from them. When I called them they were rather rude, and not very helpful.

When my satchel came I was really happy, it's really beautiful and I love it! I want to order one of the new flourescent ones but considering the amount of time I had to wait, I am a bit skeptical. I will probably go ahead and order anyway :lol:

Anyway, here are the pictures... I am so sorry about the picture quality, I had to use my iphone for this. Also sorry about the size of the pictures, still trying to get the hang of this...



Mar 28, 2010
First one i saw was this one as revealed by a lovely lady from the UK:

And now i am beginning to notice ladies in "the wardrobe" section buying them, wonder if this is where they were introduced to this company...?

Anyways, they are totally not my thing but i can appreciate them on others, not great regarding the communication problems though...