Cambridge Satchel Backpack

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  1. Hey guys! I just heard about this company and their satchels and I'm really interested in them for school. I would like to get the satchel backpack the 14 inch or 15 inch one, but I've never actually worn or have a satchel backpack before. I was wondering how much stuff the satchel backpack can actually hold. I usually keep 2-3 binders, pencil pouch, makeup bag, calculator, and maybe a few misc. stuff in my school bag.
  2. Take into consideration, that only the 15-inch batchel and backpack batchel has a handle. That's the one that I commented on, on the other thread, and that I've ordered two of. So, if you need a handle, then it'll have to be that one. And that's the 15-inch one.

    There have been a lot of customers, including myself, who have asked for handles to be put on the 13-inch and 14-inch satchels, thus converting them to batchels. I contacted customer service about this about two weeks ago and they got right back to me and commented that they had had a lot of requests for such. They have alerted the company to the request and will contact me if they start offering such a product.

    As for the same satchel style, I have seen quite a few of them here in L.A. I was walking into a boutique, last month, and saw a young woman with a shocking pink, 13-inch sized satchel. I stopped and asked her where she had bought it. She told me who hers was by. I wanted to know which company NOT to buy.

    The quality of the young woman's satchel was nowhere near the quality of the person, whom I know, who owns the Cambridge backpack batchel. There was a night/day difference. The young woman's satchel was not even in color and the edges were not properly finished off. There are a lot of copies out there.
  3. Correction: I meant to say that only the 15-inch batchel comes in either the backpack style or the regular shoulder strap style. The 14-inch batchel doesn't come in the backpack style.

    Satchel=no handle
  4. Does anyone have any pics of the large batchel backpack please? I would like to upgrade my daughter from her smaller one to the larger for middle school next year but cannot tell if it is large enough with the crap they might make them carry. Thanks!