1. I heard that the cambon line (i think thats what its called sorry if im wrong) is or is being discontinued, is that true?
  2. i heard the same thing too b'cos i am awaiting for the black cambon bowling bag with black patent cc logo and my SA told me it might not come in anymore.

    So i am thinking of getting perhaps the classic timless instead.
  3. Yes, it has been discontinued, but they are still around in the stores if you call around.
  4. discontinued. so if you're in it, better buy it if it's still available.
  5. Most places do not have them any longer, I called the Chanel main number and they said they are not being made any more, most have been sent to outlets.
  6. Outlet :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    There are still many left here in London and still one the store display :smile: