cambon zipper pulls

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  1. Alright, I was looking at my new reporter, and the outside zipper pull has the wrong logo (the left C is overlapping the right). I looked inside, and the interior zipper is correct. Then I looked at my two other cambon bags, and they're exactly the same! The outside is wrong, the inside is right. I know that the reporter is definitely authentic because I just purchased it at Saks, I even asked if it had ever been bought and returned (I'm paranoid about someone already using my bag, plus authenticity issues). What's wrong with my bags?! ..will someone go check theirs?:huh:
  2. i just looked at my cambon tote, it does not look like yours. the right c overlaps the left c. the inside is the same also.
  3. Same here. And the loop on mine is flush, not curved.

    Sad if we have to be on alert at Saks and NM.

    Keep us posted!
  4. hmm.. strange. I looked at both my black/white and pink/black totes and both have the right c overlapping the left c..

    Mayby your reporter was mis-made?? You should call/bring it back and check with a SA.
  5. When did you buy it? Maybr the ones from this year are being made differently as opposed to last years?
  6. I just bought it two days ago..
  7. Hmm.. can't be. Both my cambon totes were bought this year (one in January and another just a couple weeks ago).
  8. I just bought some of the Cambones from NM two days ago...and the the same thing...the Zipper Pull on the outside the Right C overlaps the left C...and on the inside...the left C overlaps the Right C...

    This is a Brand new Neimans in Boca Raton with an amazing & VERY exclusive Chanel Boutique...I don't think they would have a bunch of fakes in there...if it was just one bag...I could understand, but I bought six of them...what do you guys think?
  9. I would call a Chanel store ASAP - not Neimans and ask if this is okay
  10. Please update on what they said!
  11. Since Saks and other department stores all buy different Chanel styles (and the boutiques carry certain ones) Maybe details in bags are starting to vary?
  12. i would definitely call the Chanel store asap, then call Saks. =\ let us know what happens!

    I just looked at mine, and the left C overlaps the right C in the zipper pull.
  13. That's how mine is.. but it's supposed to be the other way.
  14. doublec, my zipper is exactly like yours! i wouldnt have noticed if i didnt see this post and check on my bag straight away. i have the mini bowling bag in cambon and i know its authentic because i bought it in a boutique in singapore. keep us updated on what they say!
  15. I called the Waikiki boutique (because I had the number written down from their sale) and the man was clueless to what I was talking about. He just kept 'mhmm'-ing and saying 'oh, really?' so I ended up saying that it was my mistake and the zipper was right all along. After 10 minutes of attempting to explain, I just couldn't take anymore, I really don't think he was listening. If anyone knows any good SAs at a boutique, I recommend calling them, maybe they'll actually listen!