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  1. I'm new, and Ive been reading a bunch of diff. stuff online about how to tell fakes and what not, and eventually landed myself here.
    I realllllly want to buy a white cambon long wallet. I know obviously the ones on eBay for 20 bucks are knock offs, and I dont live near a Neiman Marcus or Saks. I did find this ebay listing that looks pretty legit, but id prefer a white one. (eBay: AUTHENTIC CHANEL 2006 CAMBON QUILTED WALLET BLACK mint (item 110050133711 end time Nov-06-06 12:56:35 PST))
    Are there any websites that sell legit, authentic wallets? I was also looking at eDesigner Italia, Authentic Designer Handbags,Chanel,Gucci,Prada,Balenciaga,Burberry,Christian Dior,Fendi,Hermes,Juicy Couture Handbags,Kooba,Mulberry,Chloe, Chloe Boots - Home but Im thinking the price is too good to be true, their cambon wallet is going for $149.00.
    Thanks in advance for any info/advice!
  2. please only ask authenticity questions in the thread at the top of this Forum, Authenticate This!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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