Cambon Wallet

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  1. Good Morning Everyone,
    Does anyone know if the long Cambon wallet is a ziparound? I'd love pics is anyone has some. THANKS!
  2. i hope this is the one you're looking for.....:rolleyes:
    img10311374143.jpg img10311374144.jpg img10311374149.jpg img10381416460.jpg img10353084517.jpg img10353084522.jpg img10071972322.jpg img10071972324.jpg img10071972326.jpg img10071972328.jpg
  3. That's it!:graucho:
  4. It's cute! Can you tell me the price of it?
  5. 645
  6. the pink and khaki went on sale for 30%.
    i was going to list my black/white one on eBay, im going to wait until everyone stops selling theres first though. HAHA.
  7. OH MY and theres a sale next monday at NM for cambon!!!
  8. oh my gosh, i'm going to have save up for one of those khaki ones - they are lovely!
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