Cambon Wallet?

  1. I'm going to Saks in a couple hours and the one SA I like at the chanel counter doesn't work thursdays, so I'll probably be forced to deal with the somewhat unpleasant one. I was just wondering if anyone knew the price of the small cambon wallet, its about a 2x2 square. I kind of just want to get in there and get out of there as fast as possible. Thanks to all those that can help!
  2. Oh I think I'm wanting the same wallet...up here in Canada at Holt it's $550. Please let me know what it is in the states, I'm planning on going to Vegas and I really want that wallet.
  3. I want the wallet to.
  4. and me!
  5. It's just under $600 USD
  6. I want the wallet too!
  7. I'm thinking about getting a new wallet. (My mom took my favorite Louis one so I'm using a Balenciaga coin purse as a wallet.)

    I can't decide between the small one and the long checkbook one...
  8. I had the smaller one and I sold it on ebay for about $300 because it was not big enough to hold all the crap I load in it. I prefer the larger sized one.