Cambon Wallet Question!!!! =)

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  1. HEY everyone..i just got the black cambon wallet with patent C's...and when i close the wallet (when its folded) the EDGES of the C's (on the back of the wallet) kind of stick up from the wallet...are the edges of the patent C's supposed to be completely GLUED DOWN? or are the edges on the back wallet supposed to stick up a little? do you guys know what i am talking about? thanks!
  2. I've got a cambon wallet. They are stitched onto the wallet not glued down.
    Yes, ..just a teeny weeny bit "sticking up".
  3. Mine is also stitched and there is just a just a teeny bit on the edge where I can put my fingertip under, but it doesn't really stick up when closed ...
  4. hmm...i got mine at the chanel boutique in sf as a i couldnt compare them to other new wallets...but mine is stiched as well..but my edges kind of stick up =( are they supposed to be glued?
  5. no glue would not work.. the entire CC's will end up popping out with use...
    stitching keeps it on... I know what you mean though..the corners...Just be careful! I don't think anyone has had major problems with it so far!
  6. so the corners are supposed to stick out a little when it is closed? becuase the C's arent stiched on the VERY it does make sense that when you close it, the edges me stick up a just worried i got a defected one lol thanks =)
  7. here are some pics of mine, sorry I took so long!

  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Thats normal. I had actually exchanged for another one bc the stitching on the CC was coming up. But the CC sticking up in normal.