Cambon vs GST Dilemma, Help!

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  1. Ladies and Gents,
    I am in the process of saving for my first Chanel bag! I however am in a bit of a dilemma. I have always wanted a Cambon tote (the large one) since I was in college. I have been looking for one without any luck, Chanel boutiques are sold out and the SA's dont really say if they will get more or if they are discontinued. Neimans can get me one from the east coast stores (I am in California) but I dont want the display ones or anything like that. But now since surfing tpf I am liking the GST with gold hardware, I also have tried it on in the Chanel boutique and I am totally loving it. So anyhow fast forward into my career, I am no longer in college but I still want that damn Cambon tote. I am torn between the two. Do I search tirelessly for that Cambon tote to fulfill my college time desire or do I just save what I need and go pick up a GST which is readily available. I feel the GST is more ladylike and more suitable for me moving up in my career than the Cambon. The pink lining is hot but not for an electrical engineer (which I am and am busting my butt to move up in the ranks). I want to be taken seriously by my colleagues and I want a bag that will be by my side for a really long time. (fyi I am in a male dominated office and profession for them most part so appearances do matter). I plan on carrying this bag everyday for a longggg time. Thanks guys!
  2. Go for the GST! Seems like you'll get more use of the GST in your situation. The cambon line has lost its appeal to me with all the fakes floating around plus it seems kind of dated (please don't hurt me lol).
  3. GST gets me vote in this case, it's def more dressy and would totally look nice for an everyday bag. ;)
  4. Actually the SA also told me one of the reasons they will probably stop making the Cambon line is how much it has been counterfitted. You guys are right, I think the GST is a good choice. Is silver more popular or gold? I feel like with my skintone (I am from north india, dark brown eyes, black hair, warm skin) gold may work best.
  5. Gst ;)
  6. lol aylilth :smile:
  7. Go with the GST, the cambon does have a ton of fakes and that pink lining is so hard to keep clean.
  8. GST 100%
    The cambon is too trendy of a bag and not as classic as the GST. Also, as has been mentioned, it was very heavily faked. Good luck!
  9. I prefer the GST in black and gold (I have it and love it). The only downside to the GST is the center divider which makes it hard to fit larger objects. It is great for work, if like me, you carry a lot of paperwork and files; not so great if you want to carry bulky objects like extra shoes or lunch. (I love the Cambon too and actually like it more now that it's a bit out of date because you don't see it too often.)
  10. I guess I am the oddball here but I say get the cambon!
  11. I think the GST looks more professional.
  12. I've owned both bags, and I preferred the GST - classier, better for work.
  13. Get the GST w/ gold hardware ( that would be my next purchace soon)...its classier.
  14. GST gets my vote!

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    I say the GST, however, now that you're swaying from your original thought, maybe you should continue looking into alllll your options. The GST is beautiful, but can be a little "in your face", and a lot of women here don't feel comfortable carrying theirs to a male dominated field, they may not understand your love of handbags, and with women, it can cause jealousy....just thought i should throw it out there. With this said, I think the silver is a little more subtle, so I say shw. Good luck with your decision!