Cambon vs Cariar? I need Chanel experts!

  1. Calling all Chanel experts, I really need your help!!!

    I'm reallying wanting a Chanel (my first) and I think that I would get the most use out of a tote as I like large bags with shoulder straps.

    What is the difference between the Cambon Tote and the Caviar Tote? Do they both have zipper top closeures? Feet? What colors does the Caviar come in? There are wonderful pictures of the Cambon tote and I really like it in the beige and black, but would it get too dirty? I'm tough on my bags.

    Thanks in advance for all help and information!
  2. Do you mean the caviar tote like the one pursegalsf and I have? If so, it comes in black, beige, silver and pink. It measures 12" x 9 1/2" x 5 1/2", has a zip-top closure, with no protective feet. I find mine to be very functional, mostly because of the pockets. There is an outside back pocket, an inside patch pocket, which is good for putting my cell phone, lip balm and pen, and an inside zip pocket. It's very roomy, and fits comfortably on my shoulder so my hands are free.

    I prefer caviar leather as opposed to lambskin (what the cambon line is made out of) because I think it's more durable and scratch resistant than the lambskin. The SA at Chanel told me, when I was looking at both the reissue and the classic flap in caviar or lambskin (but went with the tote instead), that the caviar leather is easier to clean and will hold up well. I needed something for everyday that I could feel comfortable slinging around a bit :shame: and I found that in my tote!

    The cambon tote is so cute! I think it's more fun and casual than the tote. In my opinion, it just depends on how you plan to use the tote, how careful you are with your bags, etc.

    Hope this helps :biggrin:
  3. The Cambon is a little more casual IMO.
    I know the caviar tote comes in navy w/ silver, black w/ gold, camel w/ gold and pink.
    I prefer the caviar line personally.
    I perfer where the CC's are, the straps and the leather of the caviar vs Cambon.
  4. If you're tough on your bags, go with the Caviar tote! If you want something that you'd have to take a little more care of, then go with Cambon. I personally would choose the caviar tote...I don't think I'll ever buy a Chanel bag in lambskin...I like to know that when I pay top $$$$ for my bag, I don't have to worry about it scratching, getting stained easily, etc.

    Also, Caviar tote is more classic IMO than Cambon. But some may feel differently about that.
  5. Yes, I agree that the Caviar tote is more classic and will hold up better than the Cambon if you're hard on bags. But do make sure that whatever you purchase you LOVE it and that it fits your lifestyle well. Otherwise you won't realy be happy with it.....
  6. There's a couple different styles, I was referring to this one:
    disclaimer: NO idea if this is real or not!
  7. Christinia - yes, just like yours! It was your picture that I saw and loved.

    christina, swankmama, likeafeather & shopmom Thank you all so much! You helped me decide which style. I did want a zipper top, I like the straps on the Caviar much better and I'm totally all about durablilty so Caviar it is! Now just to decide on what color! Are the Caviar Totes all solid colored? (I really like the beige with black logo on the Cambon) also, any idea on price? There is no Chanel botique in my state, but I'm going on vacation next week and there is a Chanel (and LV, Gucci, Chloe, etc.) there so I'm trying to decide as we are going with another couple and the hubby's planned the trip and there isn't really any time for shopping, so I thought if I knew what I wanted ahead of time I could just run in there and buy it. Hopefully with hubby outside waiting so he doesn't see how much it costs!!!!

    (I'm trying to decide between the Chanel Caviar Totoe or the new fuschia LV baggy GM) I'm just so exicted that I will finally get to see all of these great purses IRL!

    Thanks all so much and have a Happy Easter!
  8. If you are a little tough on your bag.....I will go with caviar not cambon.
  9. Yay for the caviar tote! :nuts: I think it's only available in solid colors. I think it looks best in black (and I am not a fan of black bags!) and beige, both with gold hardware. It retails for $1650. Best bag purchase I've ever made! The LV fuchsia denim is cute, but I think the caviar tote is a classic, functional, beautiful bag that you'll get tons of use from.

    Have fun on your vacation, I hope you get to do some shopping! Whatever you decide to buy, be sure to post pictures :nuts:
  10. I'd choose the caviar tote if I had to choose between Chanel and LV. It is more classic and you'll get a lot more use out of it! As Christina said, the tote comes in solid colors...I would've loved it in pink but it seems to be sold out everywhere! Black looks really nice and so does beige. Since I am a huge fan of black bags, I would go with black but then it all depends on your color preference!

    When you go to buy that bag, keep your husband outside! LOL I never make big purchases with my bf. First, he would never approve. Second, even though it is not his money I am spending, he always make shopping un-fun, which I hate.

    Anyway, best luck to you!
  11. Caviar!!!
  12. The beige caviar would be really nice, and the color would go well with a lot of things.
  13. The Cambon line is made of calfskin, not lambskin. Calfskin is a lot stronger than lambskin. I have had my Cambon for over 6 months now and I haven't had any problems. I will say the beige/black tote will get dirty easier for obvious reason. I prefer the Cambon over the cavaiar because the cavaiar leather is too stiff for my liking.
  14. I have the cambon and I prefer it over the Caviar...More for everyday use!
    PS-I am also a BIG fan of the LV baggy GM- I have the green and I am in LOVE with it!!!
  15. caviar all the way. it's so much more durable. and you can't go wrong with any color you chose.