cambon tote

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  1. I'm about to buy my first Chanel piece ever!!!
    It's the black cambon tote with the white C's and pink interior.
    I believe it's the medium size.
    I haven't had the chance to try it on so I was just wondering how it fits when you wear it and how much it can hold.
    I'm really excited so if u guys could help me out, that'd be great!!! :nuts:

    Oh yea- and I'm only about 5'2" if that matters.
  2. the medium is actually pretty small, but it's cute! Enjoy it!

    There may be photos in the Reference Library, did you check?
  3. i'm about 5'2/5'3 and i have the medium. i don't think it's that small. it fits my large wallet, sunglasses, camera, sidekick, keys, and could fit a little more. my boyfriend would sometimes put his keys, phone, and wallet in there with all my stuff already in there.