Cambon Tote. why won't it sell?

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    i think this bag is awesome, and i can't seem to give it away. i've lowered my price on ebay from 999.00 to 849.00 and i don't even get more than 2 watchers on a 10 day auction. is this style from the cambon line that unpopular.. i thought it was kewl cuz i've never seen it faked.. and the python totes are supposed to be extra limited. anyone have any insight? should i just keep it and wait? ugh. the fees for relisting are killing me, should i try again?

  2. I think the issue is the color - it looks like olive green to me? Items that are not standard colors are harder to sell. Its hard to sell chanel on ebay IMO unless the price is really reduced. I had a beige/black reporter (in perfect condition, barely used) that I purchased for $2800+ and sold for $1600 about 18 months ago - and I think I did well!
  3. ITA. Cambon was most popular in the standard colors. Unless you get a die-hard Cambon addict, I can see why you are having a tough time. Plus that style was not as popular either. There is a black/white Flat Shopper at my local boutique that has been sitting collecting dust for at least half a year! So I can imagine the difficulites you are having!
  4. Color and style. I don't think this color was very popular, also the most popular cambone bags are the reporters, buckets, and bowlers. Everything else is a tough sell I'm afraid.
  5. in my opinion, this Cambon is gorgeous..............of course, i tend to love things that are a little bit different.......and not commonly copied. i think you should keep it..............
  6. I would try setting reserve at $700 but if you thinks thats too low, I say keep it.

    You can let them bid from ie. $0.99 and then you'll see how much your item might actually sell for?
  7. yeah, i guess i figured the more unique the better the resale value.. i suppose that was a lapse in reality. lol, sadly i am not well off enough to just see what the value of it on ebay is by going with a traditional auction... and i really hate to take anything more than a 500.00 loss on a brand spanking new bag. i dunno, i'm depressed. LOL.

  8. i couldn't sell my pink/black cambon pouchette. for some reason, cambon doesn't seem to sell at all. i got a pathetic $350 out of it.
  9. Kodi - that's a beautiful bag, you might try one more relist before Christmas - lots of things are getting snapped up by desperate buyers. and I love your signature. (I'm a Poe lover too, that album was great!)
  10. there are sooo many on ebay right now you might want to wait a few months then it will be rarer you can get more moola
  11. I would actually relist after Christmas. The bag is very pretty, and I just think because of the holidays, buyers are being a little cautious with their money. Also, Chanel purses will be going on sale, so maybe potential buyers want to check out the sale first.

    I believe after Christmas, you should be able to sell the bag.
  12. i can wait until after christmas, in January when everyone is depressed and will need a little purse therapy. mwah! relist in Jan it is. thanks!


  13. Really? When did you sell it? I just sold my pink/black cambon and got 405 about 3 weeks ago.
  14. Kodi good luck in selling that beauty!
  15. Maybe it's because the pink/black cambon pochettes were on sale for $330, that's why people weren't willing to pay much higher than that anymore?