Cambon Tote scratch?

  1. I've been thinking about getting this bag, but I'm not sure if the leather is easy to scratch, I've been going back and forth with the Cambon and the large 2.55 caviar.

    Anyone have any problems with this bag scratching easily?

  2. I have one and it hasnt gotten any scratches. Of course caviar is much more durable, but cambon bags aren't that delicate. You can always take the bag to the store to have them buff out scratches. At least thats what my SA always tells me.
  3. I beat the heck out of my Cambon Flap goes to school functions(!) and all...not a mark....swear by it..My lux tote I hardly wear,now that is a delicate leather!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. That's good to know, now I have to save up more money for BOTH bags :biggrin:

    I want to get the medium with the black calfskin CCs.
  5. the cambon leather is really durable.. i have the pink one and no scratches at all! :smile:
  6. ^I agree ... the calfskin used on the Cambon line is very durable. My two bags from that line are still in great shape.
  7. The Cambon Line Is So Durable...
  8. Thanks for letting me know, I feel better now.....I found the medium tote with black calfskin CCs today at Neiman Marcus...I just might get it afterall! Of course I LOVED the camera bag as well.
  9. I love both bags! I agree with the girls, the cambon is durable. Don't forget to post pics of the medium tote when you get it :biggrin:
  10. I love my Cambon tote. I also have the Cambon Flap bag and just got the last black with white CC from my local Neiman Marcus. Can't wait until it gets here! They are a durable bag. I've dropped it, wacked it against the side of the car when I was getting in or out. Not a scratch or mark. Love them!
    My NM SA told me the Cambon line with the double color is being discontinued. They will only have one color now. The CC's will match
    the bag. Well, I'm glad I loaded up on 'em before they were gone!