cambon tote or reporter?

  1. Hi, guys, could you help me decide between cambon large tote black w/ white cc, and mini reporter in same color? I know the tote is more pratical but just love the reporter style.
  2. I would personally go for the tote. The reporters look cute, but to me they seem kind of bulky, and I would think it would feel awkward under the arm. But I know some people on here have reporters and love them. :smile: I have a large tote myself, the black with the black patent CC's, and love it.
  3. REPORTER! the mini one! i have brown patent on brown. IT'S DA BOMB! it's the perfect size! you can just sling it over your shoulder! love it!
  4. Have you looked at the Clotton Club reporter! It is TDF!
  5. Yes, it's nice w/ chain but i love cambon one, the black w/ white cc, love the contrast. Oh, gosh, don't make me buy both. have to pick one only:hysteric:
  6. hehe that's cool...i would go with the mini reporter...too cute! I wanted one until I saw the cotton club...good thing i have my credit cards hidden away lol!
  7. I have to second this haha, because I have the exact same bag and love it!! It's so cute, holds a ton, and I adore the brown/brown patent combo! The styling of this bag is unique, and maybe a bit "bulkier" than I tend to go for, but I think all of the pockets are cool :smile: Or, the CC tote in bronze (I just purchased that one) is also gorgeous and a similar size to the cambon tote, so you should check that out too - good luck! :smile:

  8. I have both the mini reporter and the large tote.. LOVE them to bits.. hehe :love:

    The tote is more functional and easier to access but that said, i dont think u can go wrong with the reporter style :yes:
  9. I like the cotton club mini reporter better!! You might want to check that out first!!
  10. I have the mini Reporter, brown on brown, and it is a great bag as has lots of unique styling. Whereas the tote may be a tad easier to use, it is more common and will not fetch those ooohs and ahs from admiring others. Go for the brown on brown as it is not faked so often and is rarer in my opinion.
  11. I have the brown on brown mini reporter and I ADORE her! It's super functional and is just too cute! You can always get the mini reporter and then get another tote in a different style!!!:devil:
  12. I think the tote one is look much better. Reporter is OK but it never be my choice.

    PS: I still like Cambon more than the cotton club. It looks more casual.
  13. I like the shape of the tote better. The reporter can be too bulky, but the tote is too common though (real or a fake one) I see it everywhere. So my vote goes to Reporter because it's more special & those little pockets in the front can be very handy!
  14. I have been a fan of the Reporter for years. I love my beige/black one and would buy one in another color if they go on sale again.

    You say in your OP that you love the Reporter style so for that reason alone you should buy it. If you aren't a real fan of the tote and purchase it instead you may have regrets and still pine for the Reporter.
  15. Reporter!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore that bag, and it sounds like you do too! You can fits lots of stuff in it and there's loads of pockets. Get it! Plus, I see many more faked totes than the Reporter. You need that bag!! The shape is so gorgeous.