cambon tote or other large shopper?

  1. hi all,

    I am thinking about buying a large cambon tote like the one Luccibag posted on the cambon reference library. (sorry to steal your photo :P)
    Is it good for everyday use? I really need a durable bag and it would make me really upset say if I scratch the leather or something.. Is this a good choice? Is the leather only lambskin or would there be caviar?

    I want something large-- to carry books and folders. Any suggestion?

  2. I think the Cambon is calf skin. The large Cambon tote is a great choice. I recently got a Grand Shopping Tote, which I love. It's Caviar leather, so it's very durable. Here it is:


  3. Have same as luccibag, just w/bl patent cc's. Use it everyday, very durable!
  4. I think the large cambon is great. I use it for school it can fit a notebook and books and my usual stuff wallet, etc.
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