Cambon Tote & Multipocket Reporter Bag

  1. First off, I just wanted to say hi! I have NEVER bothered to look at Chanel up until now... (have always been following LV, since my mother is a LV addict, and Coach). I am absolutely in love with the Black Cambon Tote and Multipocket Reporter Bag (I've seen pictures of it in beige, hoping they have it in black/white pattern).

    But these aren't the latest models, and I'm unsure about their availability in local Chanel stores. I'm wondering if there are any reputable Web sites (something like that sell these models?
  2. You can't buy Chanel online only on eBay,if you see them on any sites they are most likely fake. Your best bet is to call around, some stores may have them still.I would try Saks or Neiman Marcus or try eBay but you have to be careful and make sure they are authentic.
  3. CHANEL at the Mall of America's Nordstrom still have the reporter bag in black/white.
  4. Chanel at Saks in Portland, OR has the reporter in black/white black/black. =)
  5. By any chance are the reporters on sale?

  6. nope, not on sale