Cambon tote (med or large?) or Patent Leather?


Which bag?

  1. Cambon medium

  2. Cambon large

  3. Patent leather

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Help me plan my next chanel purse purchase!!

    I'm debating whether I should get:
    - Cambon medium tote
    - Cambon large tote
    - new Vinyl bag?

    If you choose a cambon, recommend colors? Thanks!

    **She meant to put new vinyl bag instead of patent leather - I can't edit the poll:sad: **
  2. Cambon large tote in black!
  3. Black patent CCs on a large black Cambon.
  4. I second that!
  5. yeah, i second that. :yes:
  6. When you say Patent, are you meaing a patent Cambon? I haven't seen one?
    If not, which bag in patent?
  7. Which patent are you talking about? I saw a black patent classic flap.
  8. Oops hehe, I meant the new chanel in vinyl. Swankymamaofthree, could you edit the poll? Thanks!