Cambon tote as a 1st Chanel?? what do u guys think?

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  1. After a few bags from LV i figured it was high time to get a Chanel, my budget is $1600 and i went to 2 Chanel boutiques today, i was looking for something versatile, a casual bag that can be dressy too and the SA suggested the LLC Tote and i fell in love with it!!

    Id like to know what you girls think?? Would this make a good 1st Chanel purse??

    Thanks in advance ladies!!
  2. what is the LLC tote?
  3. ^that's what I am wondering?
  4. humm?
  5. PHEW..AT least Im not the only one like ..HUH??????LOL!!!
  6. LOL! im sorry guys! how embarrassing! its what the SA wrote on her business card to remind me what to ask her to order for me (after i consult with you guys).

    i found a pic, its not the best pic (not even sure if this is a pic of an authentic bag) but it looks like the tote the SA showed me earlier.. except the color combo is black on black


    or the BIGGER version on this tote:


    sorry for the confusion!:shame:
  7. i get it now! lol
  8. That's a Cambon, a larger one is a Ligne Cambon Large Tote.
    It's a great bag, but it's one of chanel's most counterfeited unfortunately.
    There's a new version called the Cotton Club.
  9. That was my main concern, that the bags being mass produced through counterfeit. :sad:

    how much would the cotton club be?? my budget is $1600 right now.. what would you suggest instead?
  10. I was just thinking that right now beat me to it Swanky hehe:yes: Cotton Club is a must have!
  11. the Cotton Club is several hundred more for the large, the small is probably close to that price though.
  12. My first Chanel was a Cambon tote, black with white CC's. I still have it and I still love it.....fakers be damned!!!!! :p

    Get what you like......I actually really like the one in your picture, the black with patent black CC.....I love that one!!!!:yes:
  13. my first chanel was a Cambon large tote. I love it...i'm in college so i purposely tried to pick a bag that would be more practical (otherwise I think i would have went for a classic flap) I hate how it's so commonly faked, but a lot of the fakes are very noticable fakes. If you love the bag, i'd go for it!
  14. i think u can get the medium ( not the large) cotton club tote for 1575.. ( i think thats the price before tax...) the original cambon, yes, is in fact so many conterfeited out there.... cotton club is very nice (IMO).
  15. oh wow, i should ask to see the medium next time i drag my DH to the boutique! hahaha!

    im a little confused now.. i really like the cambon tote AND the cotton club.. and this diamond stitch flap bag (small)... :hysteric:

    but thanks for the input ladies!! ill post pics as soon as i get whichever bag! hehe!