cambon sweater??? so cute!!!

  1. Lovely top....:smile:
  2. Awww, I love the quilted pattern, it seems so luxe! I would love to find it in the black tan combo in the runway pic or the black tan scarf! I absolutely adore this one but know my daughter would find a way to spit up on it....she puts everything in persepctive. No $500 white tops for me! I hope someone gets it though, it's great!
  3. I like it- even though imo not that trendy!
  4. sooo cute...wonder if anyone has this
  5. cute!!!
  6. Very cute, I like the quilting
  7. I'm in the minority so far but I think that shirts or any article of clothing with big logos like that are just kind of too showy and tacky.
  8. that's cute! too bad i can't fit in it :crybaby:
  9. How cute, I like it!
  10. Hm I think I'd feel like a huge purse wearing that.
  11. I don't totally love it ... it's too loose I think. Not enough shape for me ... looks like it might be a bit baggy.
  12. Cute, I pass though.
  13. Agree, I'll pass on this one.