cambon style...

  1. hey everyone..

    i work for chanel in australia, and my boss has this fantastic bag that i would like to track down but im unsure what it is.

    its from ligne cambon, and to put it basically, its like a messenger sized version of the bowler - with the zip running from the middle of one side across the top and down the other... it was white with black CC and the interior was orangey/peach (i was informed by SA's however that they only came in a pink lining...)

    iv had a good browse through all the cambon pics and cant see one in there.. but that doesnt mean anything i guess...

    LOL! i jus found it on a completely unrelated site... please post a photo, not a link

    which bag is it, and is it still available (preferably in black with white cc) and price ($US or other)
  2. Hi and welcome!

    Could you show us a picture? Most of the Cambon ligne has been discontinued as of this year, so let's hope the one that you're looking for is still available somewhere.
  3. the picture they linked was the camera bag:shrugs:
  4. sorry didnt realise u had to post it like this :smile:

    im literally in love with this bag - its like a giant bowler. its hot.

    this or a jumbo black flap with silver hardware....

  5. i think on closer inspection the ones above are bowlers.. but hers was larger. about double the size- she had A4 folders in it (and i dont think it was the camera bag)
  6. ^yes, these are camera bags/bowlers:yes
    There's a picture of Paris Hilton wearing a messenger Cambon, you may try a search for her in here, not sure if hers was real or not though:shrugs:
  7. definitly not the messenger. it is exactly the shape of a bowler only much bigger - i saw my other bosses bowler next to it, so can confirm that its larger.

    my only guess is that its not authentic :S which would be reaaaly bad. REALLY BAD!!
  8. the bowling bag did come in a much larger, "over night" size. perhaps that is what you are thinking of?
  9. any idea on what it was called or how much it was?

    or even better.. where i can find one lol
  10. Is this the bag you were on about?
  11. no. the bag in talking about is an A4 version of the bowler on the outside.
  12. sorry that i am no help to you. Good luck with your search. I do remember there was a larger bowler which was known as the 'overnight bag' I have a pic somewhere. Good luck on your search, but I think that was a 2005 style that is no longer produced, so it may be VERY hard to track it down now.
  13. what is "A4"?
  14. That's my guess too. Especially since you mentioned the white Cambon your boss is carrying has orange interior lining.
    The white camera bags have white lining and all other white Cambons should have the pink lining.
  15. Like A4 paper size, the standard paper size for copiers and printers.