Cambon Stain???

  1. :sad: I have a big problem, I got a stain on my Pink Cambon from my jeans. I really dont know, but now the lower part of my bag has something bluish dirt. So, What can you suggest to clean it, I used a soap but now it turned white....OMG!!!! I am so depressed!!! pls help...actually I dont know what to do anymore.....:sad:
  2. My advice would be to take it to the boutique and see what they can do... good luck!!!
  3. There is a product called Leather CPR sold at either hardware stores or Bed Bath & Beyond stores. It won't harm leather and may remove the stain. I've had good luck with it on other types of surface stains.
  4. ooh sorry- this same thing happened to me with when i had a marc jacobs stella bag back in the day and also on my fendi B bag. now im super careful not to rest bags that arent black on my jeans. definitely take it to chanel before u try any more products. good luck!
  5. I took a pink cambon to Chanel once because it had faded marks and they redyed it. THey didnt charge me but it would have been $110 I think. It does change the texture of the bag though but it looked much better. Be very careful with what you use at home. Saddlesoap is NOT good for Cambon bags. It removes the color. If anything, I'd suggest Applegarde conditioner, or any other leather conditioner. I find that conditioning the bag often lifts dirt and small marks.
  6. Luccibag: did you bring a receipt in when you ask them to redye it?
  7. No. I didnt bring a receipt. They know me there but the bag actually belonged to a friend of mine who bought it on eBay. They didnt ask any questions. If its for a repair it is ok. They know "their merchandise" and know its real. If a credit or refund comes into the picture, that's where a receipt would be necessary. Just say it was a gift or that you bought it overseas perhaps.
  8. Thanks, Luccibag!!! That sounds great! I am glad Chanel stands behind their product :yes: I wonder if ppl bring their very used bag into Chanel counter.....will they re-dye it? If so, that will be nice! :yes:
  9. Yep, happen to me with a white Gucci bag....jeans just seem to transfer so easy on some materials...:sad: