Cambon Small Shopper Available Anywhere?

Aug 14, 2006
Westbury, NY
Hi All - I'm having a Chanel itch and want to start adding to my Chanel collection. Right now I have a GST in black caviar with gold HW and a WOC in black caviar with gold HW.
I want to add a Cambon Black w/White Petite Small Shopper Tote - don't know if they're available anymore.
Has anyone spotted one, are they still being made? If so, does anyone have a current price on it?
Thanks so much!!


Dec 6, 2007
the netherlands
I saw Cambon in Printemps Paris. There are 2 sizes, both small. I don't know which one do you want. I thought they only come in 1 small size. But i remember the color from one of them is beige, but I'm not sure the other one, maybe black.


Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
Nope, as far as we know only the black on black and the beige on beige are still made. Last time I saw the white on black was about 8 months ago, over here in Europe.

Maybe different colors are floating around in some stocking rooms, but otherwise you best bet will be eBay or consignment stores.