Cambon small accessories

  1. What would be a good Cambon accessory to get besides the Long and bi-fold wallet?

    Now that I have the pouchette I want something else from that line (not another bag though)

    (1) pics and (2) approximate price would be much appreciated!

    Thanks ladies! :yes:

  2. Hmm...there is the wristlet which is $400CDN....its like the LV Plat. I had it, but exchanged it for the pochette. But it is a cute accessory.

    There is the cell phone holder, which is like a phone case with a belt loop at the back. Its cute at $450CDN.

    There is also a make-up case, which is like the cell phone holder and i assume, from ebay auctions retails at $660ish.

    Then there is the cc holder at $240 which is great and I get a lot of use out of it.

    Ooh and there are some agendas...which have the same design as the LV agendas but with the CC wrapped around and start at $600-775CDN.

    And lastly there is the ipod holder and make-up compact holder. I have no idea on the price...but I think the ipod one was $270ish?
  3. Blushingbaby! Thank you for the pointers. The makeup compact holder sounds pretty big is it?

    I may look into the agendas and the coin purse (and may be the CC holder!) :smile: