Cambon Sightings....

  1. Saks NYC has a bunch of cambons... mostly beige on beige and black on black (totes and reporters) they have 2 pochettes & the have a brown on brown reporter!!
  2. The brown on brown reporter is gorgeous! If only I had unlimited funds, I'd get this one. I wish it would go on sale.
  3. Roey- we have the same taste in bags! I love the brown on brown cambon reporter!!!:yes:
  4. Thanks for posting, japskivt!:flowers: Were any of them on sale? I was late to the Cambon sale craze when all you lovely ladies scored all those totes on sale! :heart: Wish the Saks here had Chanel. The SAs at Saks NYC weren't very nice in the calls I've made the last few days.:sad:
  5. Please, please, please call customer service and COMPLAIN. Tell them exactly what happened. Even say that you tried to buy a bag for the EGC event and they weren;t helpful at all.... the head of customer service will definitely make sure you are compensated and treated well!!
  6. The Saks in Beachwood Ohio has the wht/ on Blk reporter and some tan /tan totes sml and med. , also the sml wht/blk tote . That thing is so small ! I probably couldn't even fit my makeup in there !
  7. I didn't get a chance to speak with anyone long enough for them to give me a name. They sounded rather harrassed. It's like they don't care if they get a sale. I guess they don't work on commission? After reading about your mega EGC bonus, I totally thought that I should have called and complained! lol. :P
  8. Does anyone know if there are still any white on black bowlers around? Or white on black medium totes? I never find them on eBay, and I was thinking of showing one to my dad as what I want for Christmas/my birthday. But I did hear they're being discontinued, so I just might be out of luck. :sad:

    I love the Cambon line, it's the only thing by Chanel that's casual enough to go with what I wear since I'm so young.
  9. Gosh, I keep looking for a large cambon tote in any color combination with no luck!! The last place I called said they sent all of theirs back to their vendor :sad: I am so sad!!
  10. Yhassan, I saw a large beige on beige tote at the Bellagio (Las Vegas) about a week ago, so it might still be there. ;)
  11. I saw one at Saks NY yesterday.. good luck!!
  12. I just called a few places & no large cambon totes left! I wish I could find the large black one!