Cambon sale..sigh

  1. I'm so bummed. I would LOVE to have a Cambon but I have NO stores in my area to go too. :sad: I know several of you are calling around but I'm totally confused when reading these posts which stores have what & where they are...We have 1 Saks in the area & it's one of the "limited" stores as I call it. The have maybe 1 of each bag & that's it..very poor selection. SO, (my shameless begging here), if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a bowler or mini-reporter, would you please let me know? Any color but pink...Or if any of you get a bag & decide against it, would you let me know?? I thought some would be popping up on Ebay but noone seems nice enough to pass the savings on. They are being sold at close to full retail & it digs me to pay that knowing the person got it 30-40% off. Thanks girls!:flowers: :winkiss:
  2. Take a look in the Deals & Steals section. In the Cambon sale post, someone did a list on one of the later pages of available stock. It might make your search easier and allow you to call just those stores with items you might want.
  3. The NM here in San Francisco had only 2 pink/black cambons left! I am so bummed that I too could not get a hold of one on sale :sad:
  4. what exactly are you all looking for? the pink/black bowling?