Cambon Sale! Help needed!!


Which should I get?

  1. Large pink/black cambon tote

  2. Large beige/black cambon tote

  3. Wait for one to show up on ebay

  4. Get a different cambon bag all together (please specify w/ thoughts!)

  5. Large pink/black cambon tote

  6. Large beige/black cambon tote

  7. Wait for one to show up on ebay

  8. Get a different cambon bag all together (please specify w/ thoughts!)

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  1. Ok everyone, I need help once again on the cambons. Since they are on such a great sale &I have been thinking of getting one for so long, what should I do? Get the large pink/black, beige/black, or just wait for one on ebay? Also, since I'm 5'1 do you think the large would be too much? I see them on tv & just love the shape of the large but I would be ordering whatever I get over the phone so I need all of you to be my eyes & give me opinions!!
  2. I'm 5'2 and I tried the Large tote on tonight and I absolutely loved it! I ended up getting the reporter, though, if you like that, I would definitely recommend it! If not, I would go with the pink tote.. or the beige tote, I suppose I'm not much help. If I didn't love all the cambon bags so much this would probably be much easier. Where will you be ordering from, a boutique or Neimans/Saks?
  3. I went through I period when I was obsessed with getting the reporter, but I think it is too much bag for me now. Though I do still :heart: :heart: :heart: it. It is also a little too expensive for me now...actually anything is too expensive for me now, but I just don't know if I will be able to forgive myself if I let this sale go by! By the way, where is the better sale going on right now? The boutique or NM/Saks?
  4. I'm 5'3 i tried the pink tote and it totally rocked!
  5. Saks had 30% off bags, and I think that's what Neimans is doing too. Some of the bags at the boutiques are better prices, but some of the bags at the dpt. stores are better. At Saks, the large tote was $1046.50, I'm not sure what it was at boutiques, though.
  6. i voted for something different.... which is the chanel cambon bowling bag.... i think its a great bag and i cant wait to get one!!!
  7. Love the beige! I like the contrast of the casual cambon quilting and the sophistocated color.
  8. Does anyone know if Cambon pochettes are on sale, too? I would to get one in black with white CC.

  9. I'm also only 5'1 and I thought the large cambon overwhelmed me (but I still LOVE it). If you do get it, I'd get the beige because the pink will seem too much for your "petite" height.
  10. Only beige and pink items are on sale, not everything, but the b&p pouchettes are on sale.
  11. ask the seller few more close-up pic's ;)
  12. Ugh I just went back to the listing & the seller wants $40 for shipping! I looked at the other tote listings & that is the most anyone is asking! I don't even think the boutque or department stores would charge that much!
  13. Ok, the seller added more pictures & said the shipping is high because of the large Chanel box but would be willing to lower it. Should I get it??
  14. you get the mini reporter or the big one around $3175? What color do you get?:P